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Ultra Safe Pest provides accurate bed bug inspection and treatment services to homeowners, property managers and buildings of all types. Successful bed bug control must start with a detailed bed bug inspection.

A thorough bed bug inspection is the most important first step in the bed bug process because, proper inspections confirm or deny bed bug activity, while assessing the contents and layout of areas confirmed active with bed bugs.

This information helps the bed bug professional create a site-specific plan of action.

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Where do Bed Bugs Hide?

A professional bed bug inspector will be sure to check under and behind all furniture, bedding, shelves, drawers and other items present, because bed bugs are great at hiding.

It is most important to check all crevices and potential hiding spots and not just the bed itself.

Bed bugs prefer dark spaces so they can stay well hidden during daylight hours. Under normal conditions, bed bugs remain very close to where people rest and sleep.

Inspecting Multi-Unit Buildings For Bed Bed Bugs

Multi-unit apartment building, group home, dormitory, hotel, or similar type of property, it is very important to inspect the adjacent units, rooms and areas for bed bug activity.

People fail to report bed bug activity for a variety of reasons. This often leads to bed bug activity spreading and infesting other areas of the building. It is very important to report and treat bed bug activity as soon as possible!

Are Bed Bug Detection Dogs Reliable?

The answer to this question depends on the individual inspection team in question. A special dog, skilled trainer/handler, and a ton of ongoing work is required to have a reliable ‘Bed Bug Detection Dog Team.

Detection Dogs have been used for decades to detect narcotics, explosives and mold with amazing results. It is no surprise that they became popular in the “war on bed bugs”.

Today Dogs are used mostly as an early alert check up in larger apartment buildings and commercial businesses.


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