Pest Prevention During COVID-19

Is COVID-19 Creating A Perfect Storm For Structural Pest Infestations?

As Massachusetts asks all non-essential business due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, many families find themselves sheltering in their homes. This sudden change in human behavior, combined with the start of Spring, a season already known for heavy pest activity, may create a perfect storm for pest infestations to rise.

It is important to remember that Pest Control is an Essential Service all of the time. A temporary shutdown in people’s daily activities doesn’t mean pest control should be put on the back burner. Consider the fact that most viruses and dangerous organisms like the Coronavirus, are caused by human and animal interactions. everyone should understand the importance of pest control during these already challenging times. Imagine the added stress of a pest infestation on top of everything else.

How More People Staying Home Effects Rodent and Insect Pest Activity

Structural Rodent and Insect Pests are very adaptive and opportunistic.  There can be a lot more opportunity for pests when people stay home for extended periods of time. Most structural Pests rely on people for food, water or shelter.

The number one increased opportunity will be in the available food sources. People stuck at home, simply put, have a lot more food around. People storing extra food in garages, basements and other areas, and children home from school snacking in different areas of a home, can attract more pest activity. Ants will show up almost immediately 

In addition, Outdoor food sources like everyday garbage at local restaurants, parks or shopping centers for example may cease to exist now that human visitors are staying away.  Situations like that will often drive rodents like rats and mice into nearby homes and businesses in search of new resources. 

Another increased food source opportunity is the actual people themselves. Bed bugs, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Fleas and other parasite pests have way more opportunity to bite people when everyone is at home all day and night. Use the tips below to help prevent pest activity during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Expert Pest Prevention Tips To Help Residents Prevent Pest Activity While Stuck at Home.

TIP #1 Properly Manage Food Storage!

Store ALL food and related trash in pest and rodent proof containers at all times! This means NO cardboard containers or paper bags. Tightly sealed Glass Jars, Metal and Hard Plastic Containers with appropriate lids are the best options for food storage. Be sure to inspect and rotate stored food items regularly.

Have rules in place regarding food consumption. All eating should take place in the kitchen/dining area only. These areas are easier to keep clean. Bedrooms, playrooms and other areas of the house are NOT a good place to snack. Crumbs and other food debris that end up in furniture crevices, under beds and other areas, may go unnoticed by people and quickly become a source for pest activity.

TIP #2 Clean Up & Reduce Clutter!

Deep cleaning is great for preventing the spread of virus but also for preventing pest activity. Focus on general surfaces for virus prevention and harder to reach crevices and tighter spaces where pest like to congregate.

Clutter provides pests with great sheltering opportunity. Clutter also makes it more difficult to notice the early warning signs of an impending infestation. While stuck at home, people should declutter closets, storage areas, basements, garages, under beds, cabinets and other areas where pests frequently go.

TIP #3 Seal Them Out!

Sealing off exterior entry points is a very effective way to prevent pests from entering the structure. Rodent-proof Door Sweeps, Metal Flashing, Steel-Mesh and appropriate sealants are excellent materials for rodent and structural pest exclusion.

TIP #4 Don’t Wait To Call A Professional!

Prevention is the best form of pest control. Exterior preventative treatments can greatly reduce infestations, interior activity and the need for interior service in the future. Existing activity is also much easier to eliminate when detected early.

Ultra Safe Pest Management is proud to provide these essential services during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

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