Rats in Backyard Chicken Coops

Pest Control Specialists in Massachusetts are seeing increased demand from people wanting to prevent or remove rodents like Norway Rats in Backyard Chicken Coops. 

Overall interest in keeping backyard chickens has been trending up for years. More recently fueled by rising food costs and the covid pandemic the backyard chicken hobby has gained even more popularity. There are many benefits to keeping backyard chickens. Chickens make excellent pets and provide a valuable food source. They also eat a ton of insect pests like Deer Ticks and other species when allowed to forage or “free-range” around the yard. 

Beside the many benefits, it must be known that serious problems can occur when proper attention is not given to the planning stages and best husbandry practices applied when keeping backyard chickens. 

One of the more serious problems is Rats in Backyard Chicken Coops. The main culprit of rodent infestations in Chicken Coops here in Massachusetts is the Norway Rat. Rats will quickly take hold and infest your chicken coops and nearby areas because they are attracted to the food, water and shelter opportunities present. 

Steps that can prevent Rodents from infesting Backyard Chicken Coops.        

Food Source Management 

This is the most important step! Controlling and cutting off the food sources will dramatically deter rats and other rodents from infesting your yard. Here some ways to control food sources:

Utilize metal feeders like the one pictured below, that are set-up in a way that prevents spillage by the bir and is made of rodent-resistant materials. 

Rodent Resistent Chicken Feeders Help Prevent Rats  

Nesting boxes with concealed egg holders can prevent chickens from breaking eggs and attracting rodents to the coop!

Elevated and enclosed water reservoirs plumbed directly into coop will help prevent rodents from accessing water sources.


Elevated Chicken Coops Keep animals clean and allow for the easy removal of chicken manure on a regular basis. They also deter rats from burrowing underneath the chicken coop.

Rats and backyard chickens

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