Signs You Need Professional Rodent Removal Services

Your home is a safe and happy place, and the last thing anyone wants in their home is uninvited guests like rodents. They are not only unpleasant but also extremely harmful to one’s health. Did you know rodents can cause more than 35 diseases? According to the Centre for Disease and Control Prevention, they can cause diseases through their bites, saliva, urine, and feces.

This makes it crucial to act right away when there are first signs of a rodent infestation. Read on to learn more about the warning indicators you should look out for:

Spotting a Rodent

Rodents thrive well in dark and quiet spaces. Spotting a rodent can mean that there is more than one roaming around, and also that there is a possibility of a little nest in the making inside your home. This is an immediate sign that you should call the professionals to get rid of them.

Gnawing Marks

Rodents like to chew everything they see. They could get to everything from furniture to stray wires to food and even paper. When you find such marks, call for immediate help to remove rodents before they cause major damage.


The droppings are one of the easiest signs that indicate the presence of rodents. When you find dark-colored pellets in your house, it would be safe to assume that your house is home to rodents. It’s recommended you look for droppings in places like the kitchen drawers, utility shelves, basement, attics, and more. These droppings are dangerous as they could be the carriers of severe illnesses.

Unusual Sounds

Do you hear strange scratching or tapping sounds, especially at night? No, this is not the sound of your neighbor; it is the nocturnal rodents biting on to something. Rodents are difficult to spot because they hide in dark corners and small gaps in the walls, but their sounds are easy to hear after dark.

Rodent Tracks

Rodents have oily fur, which leaves greasy marks on the path they travel. When you see oily marks on the kitchen countertops or walls, you should wipe them down with disinfectant immediately and then call for help to chase away the rodents.

Strong Odor

Rodent urine produces a strong odor. It’s unpleasant enough that you definitely can’t miss it. Along with being unpleasant, it is also dangerous to one’s health. The odor can be an easy indicator of rodent infestation before you call for professional rodent removal services.

If you have tried all the possible methods to get rid of rodents and found no results, don’t worry. Get in touch with Ultra Safe Pest Management right away! We remove all kinds of pests safely and effectively, leaving your home clean, safe, and happy.

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