How to Get Rid of Termites

According to estimates, termites are responsible for $1 billion in damage every year. These pesky pests eat wood and can be quite a nuisance. If you’re looking for useful tips on how to keep these insects out of your home, we’ve got you covered.

Top 4 Tips to Help You Rid Your Home of Termites for Good

1. Learn how to identify them.

First things first, it is important for you to identify them correctly as termites and flying ants are similar in appearance. Termites have a ribbed abdomen and don’t have any visible waist. They have two pairs of vein-filled wings that are equal in length but double the length of the body. The antennae are short and straight, and they have no eyes.

2. Look in the right places.

To accurately gauge a termite’s presence, look for the following signs:

  • Termites often build thin mud-like structures that connect the ground to your home/garage/or other wooden structures.
  • Check for signs of decay on wooden structures by gently tapping on them. If you get a hollow sound, chances are you have termites.
  • Look out for discarded wings as reproductive termites tend to shed their wings.
  • Closely examine outside electrical meters/fuse boxes as well as joints and cracks in your home’s foundation for a termite infestation.
  • Make sure to check the attic for water leaks, mud tubes, or wood rot.

3. Understand what attracts termites.

Termites are attracted to both dry wood and moist wood. They are also attracted to moist soil as the latter allows them to thrive, staving off dehydration. Finally, termites are attracted to dark and warm places as these places double up as the perfect place for a hide-out and raise their brood. To that end, you should make it a point to clean out the gutters and pipes as frequently as possible to keep any pesky termites at bay.

4. Choose powerful termite treatments.

Get in touch with a termite treatment professional such as Ultra Safe Pest Management to get rid of termites. Professionals might engage in the following treatment methods:

  • They may treat the soil around your home with a termite insecticide.
  • They could set up termite baits strategically around your yard to lure termites in. Once in, the termites get covered with a slow-acting insecticide, which they then pass on to the other termites as they enter their colony.
  • They may opt to inject foam agents into areas liquid pesticides can’t reach or use dust agents.
  • They could choose fumigation to kill termites in an area to ensure they don’t return.

Other useful preventive treatment tips to kill termites include:

  • Eliminating damp areas around your home and getting rid of any wood-to-ground contact to the extent possible
  • Replacing the soil around your home with sand if you have wood touching the ground
  • Investing in termite-resistant wood in areas where the wood touches the ground
  • Cleaning gutters and drain spouts to prevent water buildup
  • Doing home inspections regularly


Termite prevention starts with the right kind of home maintenance. If you want to keep the termites at bay, get your home inspected frequently by a qualified professional. With Ultra Safe Pest Control, you can rest assured that your home is pest-free. We can help you eliminate existing pests and take preventive measures to keep them away from your home and family. What are you waiting for? Call Ultra Safe Pest Control now!

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