Pest Prevention Tips for Businesses

Pests can turn up in any environment, and commercial buildings are no exception. What’s more? Even minor pest control issues can turn into full-fledged infestations in no time if left untreated. This can lead to product loss, facility damage, disgruntled consumers, and a negative business reputation.

So, here are a few essential tips to help keep pests out of your property.

Top Pest Control Tips for Businesses

Use Door Sweeps

Driving insects and rodents out of your commercial space can be a challenging task. This is because pests use various channels, and sources to enter your property. While small holes in the walls or cracks in the foundation are typical entry points, open doors give them easy access. Door sweeps are an inexpensive and efficient way to prevent this from happening. They stop insects, rats, and other pests from creeping into your building.

Trash and Recycling Containers

Garbage and recycling bins are among the most popular breeding grounds for bugs. Even if you use liners, food and drink residue may build at the bottom and edges of these containers. So it’s vital to ensure your trash and recycling containers should have self-closing lids and be emptied regularly.

Standing Water

Stagnant water and dark, damp spaces are ideal ecosystems for mosquitoes, rodents, and cockroaches to breed in. So it’s essential to pay attention to potential breeding sites like birdbaths, plant pots, and parking lot potholes. Use check sprinklers, hoses, and other automated watering systems whenever possible.

Check All Arriving Items

Bugs and rodents can easily contaminate your shipments and enter the property through them. So make sure to check all incoming goods for indications of pest damage. If there are any damaged or broken packages, it’s best not to take them into your building without a thorough inspection.

Regular Cleaning

Consistent efforts are vital to maintaining a clean workplace. The “clean as you go” technique works best for counters, food prep surfaces, and utensils. Remove food and other debris from beneath and behind all kitchen equipment at least once a day to avoid food buildup.

Rooftop Checks

Rooftops should be checked for puddles, clogged gutters, and other issues that might enable pests to enter and occupy the structure. Property managers should check rooftops regularly, even if they are difficult to reach.

Set Up a Waste Management System

Check whether an appropriate waste management system is in place before beginning any work at the property. Additionally, you should also toss garbage regularly in well-sealed containers and clear your dumpsters at least once a month.

Partner with the Best

Pest control begins with prevention. However, working with a qualified pest control provider will ensure the best results and the least amount of worry on your part.

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